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Recommended workout frequency

Why workout to muscle failure? Is it needed for a long healthy life?

A Superslow workout is very difficult, both physically and mentally.  We ask our clients to push themselves to the point of momentary muscle fatigue, or failure, on each and every exercise of every workout.  This insures that the muscles are thoroughly, albeit temporarily weakened, and thus properly stimulated for future growth.  It burns.  It makes

Recommended workout frequency

Last month, I wrote about High School athletes and what they need in terms of exercise and nutrition in order to perform at their highest levels.  I spoke about the need for basic non sport specific weight training like Superslow.  As most of my readers know, High Intensity Training (HIT) like Superslow is a safe,

What high school athletes need (and don’t need) to be successful

As the father of three teenagers, the owner of a fitness business and a high school lacrosse coach, I am interested on many levels in understanding and promoting smart and safe practices for our high school athletes. Unfortunately, much of what I see and hear going on in the physical training and coaching of these

February 2014 In Shape for Life newsletter

Please check out our February 2014 In Shape for Life e-newsletter.  This month, Exercise v Recreation, eating nose to tail, and more:   Enjoy!

Quick dinner recipe – Curry Spiced Turkey burger

Looking for something different to cook for dinner that is healthy and tasty?  I made these curry spiced turkey sliders this week and they were quite good! Cooked in Coconut Oil and served without the bun and with a side of broccoli.  No Grains, No vegetable oils, No Sugars!  Healthy fats and protein!  Enjoyable.  I

Keep up your Superslow workouts over the holidays!

It is important to keep up your Superslow routine over the holidays.  While missing a few workouts will not likely cause you to lose strength or muscle mass, the more transient benefits such as cardiovascular efficiency and insulin sensitivity can start to be effected.  Additionally, if combined with poor or excessive holiday eating and drinking,

Back “Core” muscles

How does SuperSlow Zone® address the “Core” muscles of my back? SuperSlow Zone® exercise specifically stimulates the muscles that support the lumbar spine and create the muscular strength and appearance improvements you are looking for to achieve your goals. SuperSlow Zone® exclusively uses the finest strength training equipment. These machines are most effective tools on

SuperSlow Zone® strengthening protocol

SuperSlow Zone® provides an accredited, high intensity, low force exercise strengthening protocol (method). It’s quick. It’s effective. It’s based on science, with a distinctive 29 year history. Expert-supervised each minute, your Instructor personalizes your session to ensure you have a complete, total body, safe work out every time. It is ideal and beneficial for all


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